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[Group picture]Growth & Development Milestones: 8-12 Months       Elite  ★★★
Growth & Development Milestones: 8-12 Months
Author:163ED   UpdateTime:2010-10-4 18:34:24

Growth & Development Milestones: 8-12 Months

Finger-feeds Himself
Type of Milestone: Physical

Practice with Baby: Introduce your child to a variety of foods. He will love the ways different foods feel and taste. Let him start drinking from a sippy cup. He will have fun imitating you at mealtime.

Mama Must-Know: Some favorite food choices for this age include dry cereal, scrambled eggs, diced soft fruit and vegetables, cubes of cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, diced meat, teething biscuits, crackers, pasta, and mashed potatoes.

Walks Holding On to Furniture
Type of Milestone: Physical

Practice with Baby: Let your little one cruise around the living room, holding on to the sides of chairs and couches for support. Stick to heavier pieces that won't flip over, and make sure there are no sharp edges. You can also recruit older siblings to walk behind Baby, holding his hands when he gets tired of the same area.

Mama Must-Know: Do not use baby walkers. They can be extremely dangerous -- especially if a baby falls down the stairs -- and could interfere with a child's desire to walk.

Pokes with Index Finger
Type of Milestone: Cognitive

Practice with Baby: When you are reading to your little one, ask her to find and point to the tree, cat, ball, and so on in the pictures. When you are dressing Baby, ask her to point to her head, tummy, and toes.

Mama Must-Know: You might also notice that Baby points to objects to communicate that she wants them.

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