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[Group picture]Growth & Development Milestones: 8-12 Months       Elite  ★★★
Growth & Development Milestones: 8-12 Months
Author:163ED   UpdateTime:2010-10-4 18:34:24

Growth & Development Milestones: 8-12 Months

Explores Objects in Many Different Ways
Type of Milestone: Cognitive

Practice with Baby: Give her a box or bag filled with different household objects to shake, bang, throw, and drop. Some favorites include egg cartons, plastic funnels, hacky sacks, and winter gloves.

Mama Must-Know: At 8 months, your baby might spend only two or three minutes with a single toy, but by 12 months, he might sit for up to 15 minutes with an especially interesting object.

Is Shy or Anxious with Strangers
Type of Milestone: Social

Practice with Baby: Stay close to your little one when he's around a new person. Holding him helps him feel extra-safe. Ask strangers to approach Baby slowly at first.

Mama Must-Know: Introduce Baby to his babysitter or day care provider as early as you can. He will feel less anxiety if he is given enough time to feel safe with that person.

Crawls Forward on Belly
Type of Milestone: Physical

Practice with Baby: Lie down on the floor and let your baby crawl over you. Place toys on your chest and he'll love pulling himself onto your tummy.

Mama Must-Know: Now that Baby is in constant motion, never leave him alone on a changing table. He can easily flip over and fall.

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