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[Group picture]Growth & Development Milestones: 8-12 Months       Elite  ★★★
Growth & Development Milestones: 8-12 Months
Author:163ED   UpdateTime:2010-10-4 18:34:24

Growth & Development Milestones: 8-12 Months

Pulls Self Up to Stand
Type of Milestone: Physical

Practice with Baby: Crib walls and the sides of furniture are the perfect height to help Baby learn to pull himself up. Place a favorite toy on a couch cushion. Make sure he will be able to easily reach it when he stands.

Mama Must-Know: At first, Baby might not realize how to sit back down. Teach him how to bend his knees to lower himself without falling.

Lets Objects Go Voluntarily
Type of Milestone: Cognitive

Practice with Baby: Your little one will love throwing objects from his crib or high chair just to watch you pick them up and hand them to him again. When you tire of this game, place him on the floor so he can retrieve the toys himself.

Mama Must-Know: Baby should not be showing any hand preference yet. Most children do not become right- or left-handed till they are around 2 years old.

Uses Simple Gestures
Type of Milestone: Cognitive

Practice with Baby: Ask your baby questions and wait for a response. Encourage her to shake her head yes or no. Teach her to wave "bye-bye" and clap when she is happy.

Mama Must-Know: Baby understands more words than you might suspect. Mention a favorite toy, pet, or a family member's name. If she immediately looks for it, you'll know she understands.

Begins to Use Objects Correctly
Type of Milestone: Cognitive
Practice with Baby: Offer your baby objects such as a toothbrush, cup, hairbrush, or toy telephone. When he treats the object appropriately, such as putting the toy phone to his ear, react positively and enthusiastically.

Mama Must-Know: Even though Baby may still be placing many items in his mouth, he is beginning to learn that some things are edible and some are not.

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