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[Group picture]29 Kid Games to Play On the Go       Elite  ★★★
29 Kid Games to Play On the Go
Author:163ED   UpdateTime:2011-8-2 14:02:47

29 Kid Games to Play On the Go
Whether you're at the doctor's office, the airport, or the post office, waiting is never pleasant. But when you're accompanied by your small child, it can be positively harrowing. As long as you're not afraid to be a little goofy, these simple games can help you head off disaster and have some fun too.

Babies: Identity
Where's the Baby? This silly game is perfect for a dentist's waiting room and is sure to get a laugh from your baby, although you may also get some strange stares from other people. While your baby is in your arms, suddenly ask, "Where's the baby?" Look all over the room, especially in ludicrous places, like in your bag or your shoe. Finally, notice your baby and say, "Oh, there's the baby!" If she laughs, milk it for all it's worth. You'll get tired of it long before your baby will.

Who's This? Laminate photos of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and their pets too. Put them on a key ring. Say the name of each person as your baby looks at the picture. When that gets boring, point to the cat and ask, "Is that Grandma?" Then try to get your baby to shake her head "no."

Babies: Paperwork
Crumple a piece of plain white paper and give it to your baby. Let her crumple it more. This is apparently really, really fun. When she gets it too soggy (because it will go in her mouth), replace it with a new sheet of paper.

29 Kid Games to Play On the Go

Toddlers: Use Those Eyes
Look Closely Pack a child's magnifying glass. If you're at a place where she can walk around, let her check out her surroundings. If not, dig things out of your purse for closer examination.

Mirror Game Let your child draw on a nonbreakable mirror with a dry-erase marker (don't forget to toss one into your bag) as he looks at his reflection. Whether he gives himself a mustache, glasses, or freckles, he's bound to give himself a giggle.

Toddlers: Get Talking
Tell Secrets Whispering has a great effect in a loud, crowded place. Simply whisper a message in your kid's ear. The background noise will require him to focus intently on your message, and he will undoubtedly want to whisper a message in your ear next. Concentrating on hearing and delivering the whispered messages is calming for your child -- and for you too.

Talk to the Hand Use a plain brown paper bag as a puppet, and talk to your toddler with it. Give your toddler a bag too, and your hand will have someone who speaks the same language.

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