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[Group picture]Best Ways to Break the News You're Pregnant       Elite  ★★★
Best Ways to Break the News You
Author:163ED   UpdateTime:2010-10-13 10:57:34


Best Ways to Break the News You

Sweet Treat
We were going to my parents' house for dinner and wanted to surprise them by telling them we were pregnant. We told them we would bring the dessert, so we picked up an ice cream cake and had "We're Pregnant" written on it. It was hard to keep quiet all through dinner, but boy were we excited for dessert. Seven months later we played hangman to revel the name we had chosen for our little Ella Rose.
-- Celine V., Phoenix, Arizona

New Baby Greetings
This is our fifth pregnancy and as our Christmas card this year we sent a photo card with a picture of our youngest on the front wearing a T-shirt that says "I'm the Big Brother." The inside said, "We are getting a very special gift that we can't unwrap until August 2008."
-- Leslie D., La Crescenta, California

Hot-Rod Grandma
We all ride motorcycles in my family, so I sent my mom a book entitled Grandma Rides a Harley when I found out I was pregnant. She called me the second she got it. I could tell she was very excited, but was trying to keep calm until she got clarification.
-Dawn S., Burlington, Connecticut

Wake-Up Call
I was getting discouraged after trying to get pregnant for a few months and had no desire to face another pregnancy test. One morning I got up early (5 a.m.) and decided if I was going to take the test today, this was the time to do it. When I saw the positive result I literally had to rub my eyes (yes, like a cartoon character) and look again.

I heard my husband stirring in the bedroom so I ran downstairs and put the test in a Ziploc bag and rushed back up to put it on his pillow. I pretended I was sleeping when he literally laid his head down on it. It was amazing to watch him look at the test and come the realization of what it meant on his own.
-- Laura K., Metuchen, New Jersey

Out of Left Field
The company I worked for had a skybox at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago. I was able to get the box for Father's Day and made it seem like we were just taking out the family to a Chicago White Sox game. I arranged for the jumbo-tron TV to say "The Banass-Schuler family is about to grow by two feet 2.14.06." Thankfully everyone was in the box when it popped up because the park couldn't say what time it would be up there! My mom's reaction? "I wondered why you weren't drinking!"
-- Stephanie S., Shorewood, Illinois

Hallmark Moment
I photocopied my first ultrasound pictures on a color copier and then took a large piece of white paper and cut out a diaper shape with tabs and folded it up. It opened like a baby's diaper and I attached the ultrasound image to the inside of the diaper and wrote "Congratulations Grandma!" I sealed the diaper closed using a bit of rolled tape and put them in envelopes to mail off.
-- Celine N., Kensington, Connecticut

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