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[Group picture]Best Ways to Break the News You're Pregnant       Elite  ★★★
Best Ways to Break the News You
Author:163ED   UpdateTime:2010-10-13 10:57:34

Best Ways to Break the News You're Pregnant
Forget about a phone call -- these real mamas came up with creative ways to reveal their pregnancies.

Best Ways to Break the News You

I Love Grandma
You're pregnant! Now comes the fun part. How will you break the BIG news? The possibilities are endless -- here are some of our favorite ways real moms shared the news.

We told our parents by taking each of them out to lunch and giving our mothers "just a little something we saw and thought they would like." The gift was a wrapped bib that said "I Love Grandma." It took a few seconds for them to realize what the bib meant and their reactions were shock then complete happiness and tears. An amazing moment!
-- Lisa D.A., Warwick, Rhode Island

Let's Get Digital
I took a digital pregnancy test so it said "pregnant" -- and we took a picture. I cropped it and made it my profile picture on Facebook.

Facebook posts an alert when friends change their profile pictures, so my "wall" and Facebook inbox were instantly flooded with congrats messages. Too fun!
-- Jessica T., Nashville, Tennessee

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