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[Group picture]Growth & Development Milestones: Newborns       Elite  ★★★
Growth & Development Milestones: Newborns
Author:163ED   UpdateTime:2010-10-4 20:28:11

Growth & Development Milestones: Newborns

Prefers Sweet Smells
Type of Milestone: Physical

Practice with Baby: Place different foods and scents near your baby's face and watch his reaction. He should breathe deeply when he smells bananas or vanilla. Bitter or acidic scents, such as alcohol or vinegar, should cause him to turn his head in disgust.

Mama Must-Know: This natural instinct helps protect Baby from dangerous substances.

Arm & Leg Movements Become Smoother
Type of Milestone: Physical

Practice with Baby: By the end of the month, when you lay your baby on her stomach, she might look like she is trying to crawl. Lay her on her back, and she might seem like she's riding a bicycle.

Mama Must-Know: Jerky, quivering arm thrusts are normal for the first couple of weeks as her nervous system continues to develop.

Prefers High-Contrast Patterns
Type of Milestone: Cognitive

Practice with Baby: Place a boldly patterned black-and-white toy in front of your baby's face. When it seems like his gaze is focused, slowly pass it side to side and up and down. Let him lie beneath a high-contrast mobile above his crib, changing table, or play mat.

Mama Must-Know: For the first couple of weeks, he might be ultrasensitive to bright light, but as his eyes develops, he has an easier time seeing and recognizing patterns.

Recognizes Some Sounds
Type of Milestone: Cognitive

Practice with Baby: Choose a favorite book to read aloud to your baby for several days in a row. Then take a break for a day or two. When you read it again, does she seem to recognize it?

Mama Must-Know: Some research shows this tactic works even when Baby is still in the womb.

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